[Ilugc] About RHL9 linux source code

Pushparajan V vprajan at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 16:28:14 IST 2006

iam a new comer to this LUG. great to join u all.

--- murugan m <mmuruga at gmail.com> wrote:
> I want to access the source code of Red Hat Linux 9.
> I have used 3 cds to install RHL9. Now I want to know
> 3 cds are sufficient to access source code.
> If 3 cds are not sufficient, those who have
> RHL9 with source code, please respond.
> Please any one guide me to access the source.

murugan, actually, RHL 9 bundles with linux source code (kernel source
code). You have to install an extra package.

Goto Add or Remove programs>Developer Tools Section and There will be a link
called linux source code. u just select that and update. and thats it. any
more doubts abt RHL u can contact.

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