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On 6/20/06, Adithya Narayanan <adi2d2 at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi Guys,Adithya Narayanan <adi2d2 at gmail.com>
> I'm new to ILUGC,
> Can any one show me some light on Linux GUI programming and tools. I'm
> through with basic linux terminal commands. I've strong foundations in VB.
> I
> know a little of Java Applets and .Net too.
> Whats the basic requirement for GUI programing in LINUX. I use ubuntu 6.06
> .
> So, Help me.
> Adithya
> adi2d2 at gmail.com
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for VB programmer, Qt Designer will give a very easy workaround. But i think
ubuntu doesn't hav Qt. Qt is not a GNU product even.  but for a begineer, Qt
can be used for GUI programming.

other tools are Glade Interface Designer (supports GTK, GTK+). also refer
more abt GTK for GUI programmin.


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