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Tue Jun 20 17:27:09 IST 2006

Adithya Narayanan wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I'm new to ILUGC,
> Can any one show me some light on Linux GUI programming and tools. I'm
> through with basic linux terminal commands. I've strong foundations in 
> VB. I
> know a little of Java Applets and .Net too.
> Whats the basic requirement for GUI programing in LINUX. I use ubuntu 
> 6.06.
A question arising rather out of some personal interest :P.. Having 
learnt ( sorry, you said strong foundations na ?! ) VB and .Net, two of 
the popular hot cakes of M$, why do you want to jump into Linux 
To prevent being put into flames, I ask such a question just out of 
curiosity and this doesn't mean that you *shouldn't* learn programming 
and development in Linux platform, if you are from an earlier M$ 
exposure. :D

As one of our friend has said, Qt will be easier to learn with your 
exposure to VB already. And yes, you have an option of gtk and Qt. The 
best will be to try the basic things in both of them, learn the basics 
and then decide upon which ever is comfortable to *you*.

Second, what kind of programming or development are you interested in ? 
What are you looking or planning to achieve by moving to open source 
development with an already good skills in M$ ??

HTH :)

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