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>     > Does that agrement stops colleges from exposing students to
>     technologies
>     > other than M$'s ?
>     I think so, yes.
> Chakkaradeep C C wrote:
> This is bad and how come colleges/univs can accept this kinda 
> thing!!...its very bad...this makes the student also stop exploring 
> things :(, very bad....
Thats why i asked that question. Anything like that is like neglecting 
the freedom from the students to select their own choice of 
technologies. It can also be put as something against the fundamental 
right of the students to select the choice of the technology which is 
going to be there for their entire career or life. May be some of the 
students mught, on their own personal interests and passions, learn and 
practice open source technologies. But, how many of them are going to be 
like that ? We have been trying to spread the open source technologies 
amongst the students and this will be a great blow to our endeavors too.

HTH :)

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