Rajagopal Natarajan rajagopal.n at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 18:08:03 IST 2006


How about conducting some quizzes and competitions for students and
giving out some prizes for the winners. This would encourage the
students and bring in more ppl. As Mr. Thiagurajan said that ELCOT is
ready to give some support, I guess, he could try to get some
financial support for organizing these events.

Or may be ELCOT may sponsor for some event like a linux software
development competition which would go on for a month or so before the
event and the prizes would be awarded for the best software. This
would enable more ppl to participate and would be productive as well.

More such programmes may be organized and a little hyped up among the
school and college students and news regarding that may be posted on
forums and mailing lists like "techbridge" and the likes to reach out
to more people.

N. Rajagopal,
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