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On 6/20/06, Rajagopal Natarajan <rajagopal.n at gmail.com> wrote:
> Hi,
> How about conducting some quizzes and competitions for students and
> giving out some prizes for the winners. This would encourage the
> students and bring in more ppl. As Mr. Thiagurajan said that ELCOT is
> ready to give some support, I guess, he could try to get some
> financial support for organizing these events.

Conducting competitions,quizzes, these are not going to change the
scenario.Maybe it can bring out interest in a student, thats the only thing
it can do. We need get down into Business. We need to advertise
Tux/Linux/GTk+/Qt/Ubuntu/Linspire/RedHat , whatever, so that the colleges
and universities understand that LUG is an Organisation and seek help from
us.If you conduct events, it would not put us in track.

Events should be conducted in such a way where a distro is taken in hand,
and as i wrote in my previous mails, the distro should contain all
supportive formats, including Mp3 support and should not report that it is
Restricted and M$ pays for it whereas this distro doesnt pay.People out
there wont understand these, they will just ask you, whether these support
are there or not.Linspire/Xandros/SuSe(i suppose) provide these supports,
but i have seen Linspire provide more options to propeiratory licenses like
Mp3 License,DVD License,CrossOver Office etc.. These Events should be
conducted in a grand way to attract people as how M$ conducts its talks in
chennai.I think these are Business tactics and essential stuffs..

Or may be ELCOT may sponsor for some event like a linux software
> development competition which would go on for a month or so before the
> event and the prizes would be awarded for the best software. This
> would enable more ppl to participate and would be productive as well.

Even i thought of the same idea of seeking help from ELCOT . IBM/HP are
investing a lot in Open Source, but will they sponsor us for these kinda
events?. I think they can, as they sponsor for LinuxAsia.

More such programmes may be organized and a little hyped up among the
> school and college students and news regarding that may be posted on
> forums and mailing lists like "techbridge" and the likes to reach out
> to more people.

For people like us, mailing lists and forums may be a good place to
interact, but i dont think for students.We should bridge that gap somehow
and find a method or atleast start teaching them how to use these features.

I would also recommend not only to concentrate colleges/universities, but
also the Public as a whole.

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