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On 6/20/06, Chakkaradeep C C <chaks.yoper at gmail.com> wrote:
>  Conducting competitions,quizzes, these are not going to change the
> scenario.Maybe it can bring out interest in a student, thats the only thing
> it can do. We need get down into Business. We need to advertise
> Tux/Linux/GTk+/Qt/Ubuntu/Linspire/RedHat , whatever, so
> that the colleges and universities understand that LUG is an Organisation
> and seek help from us.If you conduct events, it would not put us in track.

Yes. thats not the ultimate task. But if u need to spread the word, u
need to conduct such events.. U know, M$ does that. for example,
MSApp(http://www.msapp.net/), Imagine Cup(http://www.imaginecup.com/),
etc.. And ppl spread out the word.. Students feel that M$ is getting
closer to them. Thats the feel that any organization needs for
popularizing technology.

>  Events should be conducted in such a way where a distro is taken in hand,
> and as i wrote in my previous mails, the distro should contain all
> supportive formats, including Mp3 support and should not report that it is
> Restricted and M$ pays for it whereas this distro doesnt pay.People out
> there wont understand these, they will just ask you, whether these support
> are there or not.Linspire/Xandros/SuSe(i suppose) provide these supports,
> but i have seen Linspire provide more options to propeiratory licenses like
> Mp3 License,DVD License,CrossOver Office etc.. These Events should be
> conducted in a grand way to attract people as how M$ conducts its talks in
> chennai.I think these are Business tactics and essential stuffs..


>  For people like us, mailing lists and forums may be a good place to
> interact, but i dont think for students.We should bridge that gap somehow
> and find a method or atleast start teaching them how to use these features.

Not very true. There are a lot of students who have enrolled in
mailing lists like
"techbridge"(http://groups.yahoo.com/group/techbridge/). Especially, i
liked the tactics of "Appin Solutions" (http://www.appinonline.com/)
in popularizing the computer courses that they offer among the
students. Rajat Khare, a graduate from IITD started this group and
made all his friends from IIT join it, and projected it as a community
of IITians who are interested in letting ppl from other colleges gain
the edge that IIT guys have, and increased the strength of the group
slowly by asking all the members to spread the word about the group,
so that when the strength reaches some 2500, some company called appin
which is interested in training ppl and  getting them placed in top
companies would be interested in joining hands with the group. Ppl
joined the group and now, its a 5807 member group. Students from
various colleges are there and Appin earns a lot through the group.
There are lot of audience in the group, who dont have a clue of the
latest technology that is there and they join courses, whose
curricullum are meagre crap paying a lot of money.

We can make use of that platform to spread the word.

>  I would also recommend not only to concentrate colleges/universities, but
> also the Public as a whole.

Yes concentrating on colleges and universities wont be enough. But
students here are the people who can adapt themselves easily. If a
student who didnt use linux previously gets to use it, he may
definitely make his parents use it. Atleast, parents who work for
non-IT organizations wont try to install something called "linux" on
their system. They would prefer to keep their computers as an object
in museum, as they have invested a few thousands in it. They would
normally prefer to have the OS installed by the computer dealer as
such without disturbing.

So, the other target should be computer dealers. There should be some
event to attract them. Say a workshop for them to install linux and
configure and administer a linux system. I've seen a lot of young
computer dealers who get fascinated seeing that there is a linux
running in a system, and they ask if i myself installed it(as if its a
very difficult task), and ask me if i could tell them how to do that..
Even the BSNL Dataone ppl spread the wrong news that the modem wont
work with Linux. They need to be educated about Linux and the myths
that they have need to be cleared.

I dont think any 50 year old person working in a bank would shift
himself to Linux. Either the computer dealer or his son or daughter
need to make them shift, as their learning curve would have gone down.

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