Rajagopal Natarajan rajagopal.n at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 22:42:20 IST 2006

On 6/20/06, Prashanth Mohan <prashmohan at gmail.com> wrote:
> you like their spam?

hehe! definitely not! But there are many stupid fellows out there in
that group. Its easy to create a buzz with such ppl. U know "Emplty
vessels make more noise".

> He is a good entrepreneur perhaps. He is a co founder of appin knowledge
> solutions. I left that group when all the posting there was crap. I
> tried replying to a few queries, but it was a moderated list and they
> never approved my replies. If you do look at the list most of the
> threads have no answers.

yes. i know. I too had faced the same. But definitely he permits any
adverstising. So, we too can advertise.

> ok enough ranting OT things :| but really techbridge is *defenitely* not
> the right group to take as example.

I didnt mention about techbridge to take as an example. I mentioned
about it just for a platform to advertise things. You know, free
advertising to 5000+ ppl is good enough. U just spend some 5 mins for
an attractive write up, and u get some nice Buzz around.. You may feel
that creating a buzz among non-technologically inclined people is
useless.. But u know, marketing is all about that. Intelligent ppl
never go by the advertisement. they think twice b4 buying things.. It
is ppl who dont think much buy a product for its advertisement.. If
you have seen "Thums up" or any similar kind of ads, u'll see that the
ad is in no way related to the product.. but the idea is to create a
buzz of its name..

More comments plz.. :)

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