Vamsee Kanakala vamlists at gmail.com
Tue Jun 20 23:33:16 IST 2006

Rajagopal Natarajan wrote:
> hehe! definitely not! But there are many stupid fellows out there in
> that group. Its easy to create a buzz with such ppl. U know "Emplty
> vessels make more noise".
That is deeply unsettling to me. I'd rather be in the company of couple 
of intelligent guys rather than a hundred idiots. Do you really care 
what they think? We're not after their money, are we?

>  You may feel
> that creating a buzz among non-technologically inclined people is
> useless.. But u know, marketing is all about that. Intelligent ppl
> never go by the advertisement. they think twice b4 buying things..
Again, you're insulting your audience. What do we achieve by that? Trust 
me, *good* advertising is all about getting intelligent people to care 
about your product (or at least your target audience - but this is not 
how you get them to care about Linux).


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