[Ilugc] Restricting Access

Pranavam S pranavam.s at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 05:56:07 IST 2006

Hi All,

I have SUSE 10.1 in my notebook, which is used by my friends and also
some of my relatives.

I have basicaly two doubts:

1. There are some applications which are common to all users like
XMMS, Amarok, etc.  I have separate users for every persons who access
my system, but i want to know how could i restrict those applications
from selected users. say i have three users

usera, userb, userc

i need to revoke the rights to access those applications from userb
and userc whereas usera must have the rights.

2.  I have a desktop pc with P1 processor and 64 mb ram, i need to
connect that system to my SUSE along with remote access to XServer.

now i have installed DOS in the PC and invoke my suse thru telnet, i
do not want that option to work, i need a remote boot from suse,

Please let me know how to do those stuff.


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