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On 6/21/06, Kenneth Gonsalves <lawgon at thenilgiris.com> wrote:
> On 21-Jun-06, at 9:48 AM, Toufeeq Hussain wrote:
> > If ILUGC is not willing to turn into a "body" can this be done under
> > the aegis of Linux-India ? I don't know. L-I (atleast today) looks
> > like a shadow of the organization that it was supposed to be.
> there was a lot of bad blood and fights in the old days, so ilug
> became dormant and each went their own way to the regional lugs. But
> a lot of new blood has come in, so maybe we should give it another
> try to build up ilug. The first step, as i see it, is that chennai
> luggers subscribe to the mailing lists of ilug-mumbai, ilug-delhi and
> ilug-hyderabad, and encourage members of those lugs to subscribe
> here. I am sure a consensus will slowly build up. Many of us are
> already subscribed to multiple lug lists, and this *is* helping. Ilug-
> kolkata list/site is in dissarray at present - things are expected to
> clarify soon.

I'm no grand visionary and I don't think I can speak for Linux-India
but this my idea. It's based on the simple fact that mailing-lists are
the viens of the FOSS community.

Why not setup a mailing list, or re-use L-I-G in such a way that a
"spokeperson" from every LUG which considers itself associated with
L-I is a member. The duty of the spokeperson is to report to the
mailing-list with a detailed summary of what's going on in the

It needn't be a full digest-mail of all the threads which were
discussed for the Month but just the community prespective of the LUG.
What it's doing for the community, what are the plans, what upcoming
events it has planned for. We could start with such a model to first
bring together the LUG's under a common list wherein people get to
read what is actually happening with Linux at India. Once such reports
start flowing in then we can think of griding the LUG communities

Is it too late ? I don't think so.
Is there a better plan ? Please let me know.

This list(or this thread) might not be the right place for such
discussion, but as Kenneth says, the time now is ripe to re-kindle the
old flame.

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