[Ilugc] A query on joomla cms

Thyagu rajan citizenofgnu at gmail.com
Wed Jun 21 12:44:58 IST 2006

Hello friends,

I am coming to you with a query.

I have a joomla installed in my localhost. I don't know how to find the
version of it. My db name is dbcms and the joomla cms works fine. Now i want
to  add a module, a search module, in which a search key is given in tamil
Unicode content   and it looks for corresponding table say 'cms_content'. I
have three fields fulltext,introtext and displaytext. I understand my db is
a non collate utf8 mysql database. I further understand that the Unicode
content added through the control panel of joomla cms  is added as
'&#nnnn;&#nnnn;......." . I force to add some tamil unicode content to the
table, it inserted by throwing some 8 warning in the mysql console but added
as a Unicode content.  For doing a search now i need a clarification , what
should i do for string comparison. Do i have to upgrade my database with
collate utf8  mysql extension. I have a plan like parsing the string
'&#"n","n","n","n"' computed into &# nnnn and then goin for string search.
Any pointers to this issue.

Thanking you,


Thyagarajan Shanmugham

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