[Ilugc] Fedora5 issue on reboot with new kernel

hari rhariharan at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 14:56:41 IST 2006


I guess I am not the first person to ask this. But would appreciate if
someone can help. I cant find the previous discussion regd this.

I needed to have NTFS module enabled and also the kernel source for learning
kernel programming.

Since the LFY Fedora 5 CD did not seem to have the source, I downloaded
This was better behaved than the 2.4 kernels. Compiles without problems.
I used the Config file from my existing OS.../boot/config.. compilation went
through like a breeze.

I also installed the kernel. I use Grub so this added an entry into

Now the problem is i am not able to boot from this kernel.
Remember I did not do any manual work here.

At boot time, I get an error message like root not found or something like
I can get the exact message if needed.

The grub conf says root=LABEL=/
I remember i used to change this to root=/dev/hda<n> to make it work.
I tried this and it still does not work.

i do think i gave the correct partition..
I have 3 primary partitions and 2 logical partions in the extended partition
in that order.
Linux is under 2nd primary partition(hda2). Am i mistaken in this?

Can someone who has been through this pain, tell me what the grub entry
should read?
Can you also tell me, why root=LABEL=/ does not work for the installed
it works for the original one..

Any the sites that discuss this in some detail??

Currently I am force loading the new ntfs module into my old kernel.
And I was able to compile some simple modules...and force load it...
booo hooo....:((((

Thanks for any and all help...


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