[Ilugc] changing shell and finding it

codeshepherd codeshepherd at gmail.com
Thu Jun 22 18:15:10 IST 2006

Ashok Antony wrote:
> Hi all
> whener  I login into my unix box, it used to place me in cshell ( which is my login shell ).
> from the login shell If I change it to bash
> then If I execute a the following echo $SHELL
> still then it shows 
> /bin/csh
> how to check my current shell where I am working
I guess there is no direct command to find that. You may do "echo 
$SHELL" .. but that is not reliable.. but a quick hack will be to run 
some bash specific command.. say export .. if the shell throws a error.. 
then u are not in bash..
run "setenv" .. if you get a error then you are not in csh..

May be someone else has a better solution.. 
good luck Ashok

> anthony.
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