[Ilugc] su login problem

Easwaran .K.V kveaswaran.ilugc at gmail.com
Fri Jun 23 16:41:55 IST 2006

On 6/23/06, Raja Subramanian <rajasuperman at gmail.com> wrote:
>A process in uninterruptable state cannot be killed.  Killing the parent
>will not help.  Rebooting is the only way
 Thanks for the help. But, in UNIX one process crashing should not affect
the other processes right....Then why a single su gone bad is preventing me
from using su again..

Let one su process go down the drain, I can at least do a proper shutdown on
other DB server processes before rebooting, if I can su to root again. Why
am I not able to do that. Why are further su commands failing. Is it related
to one su going to uninterruptable state. Googling did not help me find
answer to the above question.

I need to explain this to the DB guys in my office. Any links or leads on
why one su is pulling
down further su commands will be helpful......... :-))

Thanks again..


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