[Ilugc] su login problem

R.Ramkumar andyetitmoves at gmail.com
Fri Jun 23 16:57:20 IST 2006

> Let one su process go down the drain, I can at least do a proper shutdown on
> other DB server processes before rebooting, if I can su to root again. Why
> am I not able to do that. Why are further su commands failing. Is it related

More of a workaround... Why don't you try logging in as root from one
of the virtual terminals, or use `sudo sh`. May be those commands
would work... If not, one more workaround: If your server is
physically secure, try using acpi (acpid) to bind one of the buttons
to script the proper shutdown of your DB server processes and reboot.

Well, you would still need to get to the root of what is the problem :)

it moves on...

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