[Ilugc] Minutes of the SPECIAL ELCOT MEET at gandhi mandapam.

Thyagu rajan citizenofgnu at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 10:01:57 IST 2006

Dear friends,

Sorry to update you late about the minutes of the saturday meeting.

The following people attended the meeting.

Mr. Bharathi subramanium,
Mr. Raaman
Mr. Srinivasan
Mr. Kamal
Mr. Natarajan
Mr. Aanjan
Mr. Parthan
and Myself.

We started the meeting by 15:45 IST and the meeting ended by 17:40.

We discussed regarding the support which we can render to ELCOT foss call
centre. We discussed about the next LDD. We want the next LDD to be held in
july, venue is yet to be decided. We are planning to  invite Mr. Uma Shankar
IAS  to our lug meet. We discussed about the upcoming SFD and the venue.

Thanking you,


Thyagarajan shanmugham.

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