[Ilugc] Minutes of the SPECIAL ELCOT MEET at gandhi mandapam.

Bharathi Subramanian sbharathi at MidasComm.Com
Mon Jun 26 10:29:29 IST 2006

On Mon, 26 Jun 2006, Kenneth Gonsalves wrote:

> > We discussed regarding the support which we can render to ELCOT
> > foss call centre

> could we have a little more detail on this?

If ELCOT starts supporting the Gov offices and schools to use/teach
FOSS, then their is changes for facing problems in installing/ using/
troubleshooting. So ELCOT is planing to setup a call center to address
this issues.

Apart from Call Center people, FOSS based users group members from
different places can help *call center* thru mails/ phone/ in person
in volunteer mode or in partner mode in solving the issues.

During this meet, All of us shared views about this. All members saw
this in +ve angle. So we decided to invite Mr Umashankar for our ILUGC
meet to share his views.

Bye :)
Bharathi S

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