[Ilugc] Minutes of the SPECIAL ELCOT MEET at gandhi mandapam.

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Mon Jun 26 11:07:11 IST 2006

On 6/26/06, Thyagu rajan <citizenofgnu at gmail.com> wrote:
> Dear friends,
> Sorry to update you late about the minutes of the saturday meeting.
> The following people attended the meeting.
> Mr. Bharathi subramanium,
> Mr. Raaman
> Mr. Srinivasan
> Mr. Kamal
> Mr. Natarajan
> Mr. Aanjan
> Mr. Parthan
> Mr. ASAN
> Mr.Umakanth
> and Myself.
> We started the meeting by 15:45 IST and the meeting ended by 17:40.
> We discussed regarding the support which we can render to ELCOT foss call
> centre. We discussed about the next LDD. We want the next LDD to be held
> in
> july, venue is yet to be decided. We are planning to  invite Mr. Uma
> Shankar
> IAS  to our lug meet. We discussed about the upcoming SFD and the venue.

Sorry that i couldn't attend the discussion.

Now, by going thro the available details, it looks that elcot  wants to play
an active roll in e-governance.
In that context, in Indian scenario, the place one should start with is,
developing an accurate , error free and exhaustive citizen database. America
has its social security system revolving around such a database.

In India thou we have census database / electoral list data base, etc they
are neither accurate nor exhaustive.

Application of biometric devices / program should be looked at integrating /
perfecting ,  this database first. Advise / Help of actuaries may be sort
for designing the fields of this database to make in comprehensive.

Many of the govt functions can be simplified / made extremely efficient by
designing / perfecting this data base. The following are a a few examples.

1. Birth / death / community / nativity certifications
2. Admissions to govt colleges / planning the requirement of college
seats/courses in the coming years
3. managing / monitoring pds ( ration shops)
4. History/ pattern of diseases  and  monitoring / managing govt vaccine
purchases and efficient functioning  of govt hospitals
5. Requirement planning and managing water supply / sewage , and garbage
6. criminal history / crime detection / crime control
7.simplifying tax  computation and  tax collection

are only a few among the endless uses.

E-governance is a emerging concept and there is almost no one who can guide
people with his experience. It is only one's innovative abilities to put
the  technological developments, and the social/ regional  needs together
can make a lot of progress in this subject.

A efficient call center may also planned based on the services of this
A concept like " Call the Govt at 100 "  ( or 104/105 whatever) can also be

Members : comments pl

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