[Ilugc] Minutes of the SPECIAL ELCOT MEET at gandhi mandapam.

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> > We discussed regarding the support which we can render to ELCOT  
> > foss call
> > centre
> could we have a little more detail on this?

Bharati and Thayagu explained about  their interaction with
Mr.Umashankar. Based on  this it appears that ELCOT is

a.Interested in promoting FOSS
b.in need some technical help
c.planning to setup Call-centre kind of setup to help
   government department/schools/others, in using FOSS.
d.expecting lug to provide tech support for this the call-centre ( or
help centre) as a fall back when local talent is not enough.

After discussion, following broad views arrived:

a.ILUGC can provide training to the employees who will work in the
call-centre. The level of training to be decided based on ELCOT's
b. A separate mailing list/discussion forum can be created with ELCOT
staff and volunteers from ILUGC. Support to the call-centre staff can
be done through this list. If required the LUG volunteers can post
the query to general list, get feedback and repost in the special
mailing list/forum.
c.We can ask ELCOT to provide facility for weekly GLV
d.Seek their role in Software Freedom Day celebrations

Mr.Bharthi will meet Mr.Umashankar again, for followup and invite him
to our next LUG meet. If required a special LUG meet may be held

Additionally we discussed about Software Freedom Day and LDDs.

July, Aug are best months for LDD/Seminars in Colleges. Hence,
members are requested to try to get some colleges to conduct
LDD/Seminars. Jaya college have earlier expressed their interest to
conduct one in July. Aanjhan will follow this.

For Software Freedom Day
Following ideas have emerged

a.A Software Freedom Awarness Walk/Run
b.Simultaneous celebration in various colleges/school throughout TN

Other ideas are solicited.


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