[Ilugc] Partition and sound problem in Kubuntu 6.06

Sundar sundar261 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 21:12:50 IST 2006

> Lenovo comes with a also sound card. First try increasing your PCM 
> sound value using alsa-mixer. Also, these is a known bug with older 
> ubuntu's linux kernels that sound is not heard in speakers in lenovo, 
> but for some it works in microphones. It was also the same for me in 
> ubuntu daper. I updated my kernel to the lastest available version and 
> am now, atleast able to have sound in microphone. I have again 
> re-openned the sound bug in ubuntu's bug reporting system and waiting 
> for a solution from them :)
I am using the same kernel version as mentioned in the bug listing.  But 
still the problem persists.  Let me know if you find a way out of this 
problem.  I am still googling to find out a solution....

> My advice is allow it as it does. Then, with the help of gparted live 
> cd, re-partition your hard disk again as per your requirements.
> Also, IBM takes up a 5 GB of memeory for its backup files. This is not 
> vissible under windows, and its also not advisable to delete this 
> partition. IBM will not entertain any warranty if you delete this 
> partition in the name of repartitioning and installing linux.
Recovery CD would be better :-(  I dont mount that partition....
> Use a GParted CD and reaprtition your hard disk. You can have only 4 
> primary partitons, your windows (if you are not removing it as mine), 
> IBM takes one and your will be left with 2 more. Use one for '/' and 
> one for 'swap'.
think the problem was me trying to create more than 4 primary 
partitions.  I had used GParted to repartition my disk and was able to 
recover the lost space.  Actually I had created the fifth partition for 
swap.  As I could not I was using linux without any swap enabled.  
Thanks to  your information, I had created extended partitions and 
problem solved...:)

Thanks for your help!!


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