[Ilugc] Partition and sound problem in Kubuntu 6.06

Sundar sundar261 at gmail.com
Mon Jun 26 21:58:19 IST 2006

Lenovo comes with a also sound card. First try increasing your PCM sound 
value using alsa-mixer. Also, these is a known bug with older ubuntu's 
linux kernels that sound is not heard in speakers in lenovo, but for 
some it works in microphones. It was also the same for me in ubuntu 
daper. I updated my kernel to the lastest available version and am now, 
atleast able to have sound in microphone. I have again re-openned the 
sound bug in ubuntu's bug reporting system and waiting for a solution 
from them :)


I found that on KMix--> output tab PCM option and KMix-->Switches tab 
'External Amplifier' option were disabled by default.  I had enabled 
both the options and I am able get sound on my Laptop speakers.  Check 
for your settings.  It might be of help to you.


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