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amartyo banerjee amartyo at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 11:07:54 IST 2006


On 6/28/06, Ashok Gautham J. <ashokgautham at gmail.com> wrote:
> Are there any sane linux game cds around. i am not abkle to get rid of

Google for  Games Knoppix, a Knoppix derivative which focuses on
games. I like the selection it offers.

> windows thanks to my addiction to games( any 17 yr old with a P.C. would
> like them). Please dont suggest happypenguin.org. i have been there. Suggest
> some game i can get in the site that is good instead.

What is a good game is a matter of taste. It depends also on what
genre of game you like.
I have liked the following games:
Cube - a first person shooter like Doom, Quake etc. Graphics is not as
polished as Quake 3 or 4, but enjoyable to play, IMO.
Battle of Wesnoth - Turn based strategy game. I find it very
addictive, but it depends on if you like turn based strategy games.
Torcs - Car racing game. Needs a good graphics card to get full advantage
Netpanzer - Real time strategy, you control tanks and try to kill
enemy tanks. Has AI for play against the computer, maybe multi player
mode too.
scorched3d - duel with other tanks in an arena
gl-117 - Fly a fighter plane , shoot things up.
lbreakout2 - arcade game, tetris like
frozen bubble - arcade game

I've not had much chance to play these but I will for sure if I get
the time and / or bandwidth
Freeciv - Civilization clone, turn based strategy. Supposed to be very addictive
bzflag - drive a tank, team up with other tank drivers, and try to
defeat opposing teams. Works best in multiplayer mode
Boson - Real time strategy, works in multiplayer mode only
Stratagus - Real time strategy
ASC - Turn based strategy
Vegastrike - travel/trade/fight in space. Works in multiplayer mode only.
FlightGear - full fledged flight simulator, not really a game as such.

Not all these games are available on the distro I mentioned. They are
at different levels in terms of graphics quality and how polished the
game is, but they are all playable and fun for me.

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