[Ilugc] Using Wine for running IE6 error - Blank Window of IE

Pushparajan V vprajan at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 13:12:30 IST 2006


i hate IE. but i need that now, because a website needs that madly. so, i
tried installing wine and started installing IE6 based on a patrick's
tutorial. i.e, installed, dom98, ie6setup.

finally i got an error from ie6 as "crlengine problem"

iam using wine 0.9.15.

but ie6 is tested to work on wine-20030618 patched version (according to the

i already heard that this wine version is best for many windows apps but i
cannot get that version now. any links that u can suggest?..

and also i tried winetools which automates installation of many win apps.

but in both of this trials, i get a blank IE window. i searched many forums
but cannot find a correct information.

thanks for all the help.
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Rajan VP

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