[Ilugc] Share your views with LFY: CommunitySpeak Episode 2

Janani Gopalakrishnan writetojanani at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 16:02:01 IST 2006

Hello all,

Greetings from the Linux For You team!

As you all know, last month we launched a new initiative called CommunitySpeak where we pose a question to various ILUG mailing lists and publish the top five responses (selected by our technical editors) in the magazine. Thanks to all those who responded to last month's question on "why a majority of the world's top 10 supercomputers are powered by Linux". The best five among the responses received are to be published in the July 2006 issue of LFY. 

The selected responses were sent by Vishnu Vyas (Chennai), S R Parthan (Chennai), R Subramanian (Chennai), Manu Konchady (Bangalore) and P Sriram (Chennai). Thanks again for your participation.

This month we have chosen the topic: "What would make a Windows user pick up a Linux magazine?" 

No, this is not a marketing tactic. We are *really* curious. What would make Windows users pick up a Linux magazine? How can we convince them to read about and adopt Linux and other free and open source software? Would they be interested in reading about free business software than run on Windows? 

What's your take on this? Our eyes and ears are wide open and we are waiting to listen to your ideas. Please write to us at writetojanani at gmail.com with a CC to atul.goel at efyindia.com before July 5th 2006.

The top five responses will be published in the August 2006 issue of Linux for You. 

Look forward to your responses. 


Janani Gopalakrishnan, Freelance Writer
Atul Goel, Asst. Associate Editor, LFY

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