[Ilugc] Recovring Debian...

Arun Velusamy arunvelusamy at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 19:17:19 IST 2006

Hi siva,
    I think you have lost grub.

To get back our grub first stage boot, here a procedure you can use.

    * Boot from debian CD choosing linux2.4 kernel (default)
    * Change to console 2 with alt + F2 keystrokes
    * Make a new dir to mount the boot partition, for example /disk
    * mount the root partition on /disk.
    * Do a chroot to the root partition: issuing chroot /disk
    * Run grub command to enter grub shell
    * Type in the root disk for grub, for example root (hd0,1). This is
      /dev/hda2 on my system
    * Type the following command to install grub on /dev/hda: setup (hd0).
    * Last step, type quit, exit from chroot, unmount all disks and reboot

Please refer the : http://www.debian-administration.org/articles/325

Arun Velusamy.

siva886 at gmail.com wrote:
> Guys... How to recover Debian or any GNU/Linux distro after installing
> Windows over pre existing Linux OS...
> Thanx in advance...
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