[Ilugc] what fare chance for things gone to disable my mailing routine....

Thyagu rajan citizenofgnu at gmail.com
Thu Jun 29 22:41:11 IST 2006

Hi friends,

I am working with  Joomla CMS, it is a open source tool and in it we have a
mailing function, The mailing function has the senders email id , name of
the sender, recipient address, subject and body of the mail as a parameter.
Can this function be used by the spammers to junk the e-mailing traffic. I
was testing that function by sending sample mail to my email id( not in the
evil prespective of a spammer), this exercise is to understand the joomla
cms system. after 10 mails my mailing routine went out of function. I am
aware that a  huge chance of my stupid mind spilling the code, but may it
would have been any security feature in protocol level?.
Any pointers.

Thyagarajan Shanmugham

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