[Ilugc] system Hangs after HAL.

Siva Prakash linux.siva at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 11:07:12 IST 2006

hi everybody,
i am using RHEL-4, and PIV-2.8 1GB DDR,80GB HDD,
i was using this nicely for the past 5 months,now i can't to boot
properly.my system hangs after the HAL daemon.

if i start my machine in runlevel-3, i can get the following error,

Unknown Interupt or fault at EIP
00000246   00000060   C01040d3

it repeats 3 times, then it hangs.

i didn't install or remove anything recently. is this problem related to
kernel or any other hardware? if i reinstall the kernel will it fix? please
help me.


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