[Ilugc] Non-Tech Discussion - Which Distro is the Best ??..

Pushparajan V vprajan at gmail.com
Fri Jun 30 12:22:00 IST 2006

Hi everyone,

There r many and more distros of linux come up day-by-day and only very few
become success.

the way user selets distros according to me are,

Debian-based distro users will be core programmers.
Redhat/Fedora users will be enterprise managers and UI software developers.
SUSE/Madriva/Linspire users will be some linux desktop users.

so,vote for ur best. lets see which distros win. already many polls like
these will be conducted. but there r some discussions that Fedora
distributions are going ahead of all the other types of distros. and Ubuntu
is picking up the community past 2 years. so, lets see how many votes each
distro gets..

"Life is very short.
What is the need for living for ourselves?
Lets live for others.
Our life will be longer than we believe :-)"

Rajan VP

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