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Bhasker Kode kode at returnable.org
Wed Jun 27 15:58:25 IST 2007

> >> Hello folks,
> >>
> >> I have been in a bit of turmoil over redesigning my product's ui
> >> (http://www.bioask.com). While the existing UI works just ok, I need
> >> to migrate to a better framework that allows separation of content
> >> from the templates, multilanguage support,
> >> authentication/authorization, access as REST/SOAP etc. One important
> >> non-functional requirement is that I need to be able to find talent
> >> locally.

Dont add inline javascript anywhere .Decide what the scope of your server
side is ,and the scope of your chosen js framework .So that once you know
that the content is delivered,then work on adding the styles in a seperate
file, javascript that starts off with a clean sheet (aka DOM ) to play
around with. Basically get the serverside to just do whats its best at -
spit out content from your data sources . Dont mix behaviour ,ui with that .
That way you even have an edge suppose javascript is disabled . You can have
flexibility such that adding script1 will produce behaviour and ui1 . while
adding js script2 will result in behaviour2. It might sound like its a
little over-engineered , but i think from what you've told us - you can take
a 'bunch of leaves' from the architecture of a wikipedia page.

You also need to say NO to code snippets all over your site ,that will be
used only once . hacks are nice, but not as a design pattern. The moment you
write javascript code that is reusable and is generic ,you have yourself a
framework.And that's the sinngle most coveted asset in a web framework .
Resuability . I've tried out popular javascript frameworks (even authored
one myself called 'reusable' ) and have found that for production code - YUI
to be the best documented , and plug-and-play friendly to extend, add your
own functions on top of the framework et cetera. There are tons of ways to
brighten up the page, but down the line maintainability is something you
need to protect your site from . Maintainability from developers changing
hands, compatability across browsers, as well as a decent community for
support and documentation.

I just wrote a post on some useful javascript resources after i saw your
message. Maybe ,you could have a look at it sometime . its over at


Keep  Clicking,

Bhasker V Kode,
Javascript hacker

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