[Ilugc] Conrolling screen brightness globally.

Logu logulinux at gmx.net
Mon Dec 1 12:07:24 IST 2008


I have installed Fedora-10 on my hp pavillion laptop. I would like to  
know how to change (reduce the brightness) of the initial login screen  
(gdm). It goes to full brightness when boots to the login screen. I am  
able to use the keys function keys to reduce it. But I would like have  
it configured to a required brightness level and settings be retained  
after reboot.

I am able to change the brightness after logging into the (gnome/KDE)  
session and save the setting. But I wanted to control it for the login  
screen and save it globally.
I think xbacklight utility (xclient)  should help here, so I would  
also like know where to place the startup applications for gdm. Or is  
it possible to do that with X server (xorg.conf) itself.


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