[Ilugc] One Day One GNU/Linux Command (APT-GET)

Bharathi Subramanian sbharathi at MidasComm.Com
Tue Dec 2 09:40:08 IST 2008

One Day One GNU/Linux Command 

apt-get -- Debian Package Manager.


apt-get is a powerful package manager used in the Debian Distro. It is
in-build capability to resolve the conflicts and dependencies.


# apt-get update -- Update the Pkg listings from package repositories.

# apt-get upgrade -- Install newest versions of all packages currently 

# apt-get dist-upgrade -- Same as above. But with advanced conflict 
                          resolution capability.

# apt-get install newpkg -- Install the 'newpkg' from repositories 
                            with all dependencies.

# apt-get remove pkgName -- Remove the package with all needed 

Read: man apt-get

HTH :)
Bharathi S

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