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Hi All,

"Announcing Hack-a-thons at Insignia 3.0- Hackerdom"

While attempting to chalk out a list of talks in keeping with our motto :
"Come a User, Return a Hacker", we were faced with the question of how to
introduce a user to the hacker culture in a simple and understandable
manner. And Voila!, the Hack-a-thon was born.

Hack-a-thon is where the Hackers go into the crowd and guide the users to
hack with them.
We will be setting up sessions introducing the concepts of mailing lists,
bug reporting, submitting contributions, documenting problems and giving
them practical experience in doing things the hacker's way.
We invite Hackers, Localization Teams and other interested parties to set up
small guidance sessions where you will be able to help users, students and
other hackers, begin contributing to your project.

  NOTE: Hack-a-thon is not a developer meet developer coding session ! It is
where you help others to learn the art of hacking and contribution.

from Hackerdom

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