[Ilugc] Employee Agreement of a FOSS company

Rahul Sundaram sundaram at fedoraproject.org
Thu Dec 4 13:59:15 IST 2008

Kenneth Gonsalves wrote:
> On Wednesday 03 Dec 2008 5:54:02 pm Rahul Sundaram wrote:
>>> can you confirm that all code produced by Red Hat is opensourced? If so,
>>> obviously neither the programmer or the company directly gets money out
>>> of it.
>> Let's assume that is true but it still disproves the notion that pure
>> open source entities are not sustainable. That was shattered by Cygnus
>> back in 1989.
>> http://www.toad.com/gnu/cygnus/index.html
> good read - note I am *not* indulging in Red Hat bashing which is the 
> favourite occupation a certain type of person. I am wondering about things 
> like code that is used in-house - does it get open sourced automatically - if 
> not, what is the implication wrt being a FOSS company? 

Historically, custom infrastructure code has been considered different 
from public products but if it solves one organization's problem it 
probably is useful to others as well.  I know atleast a few projects 
that has been written in-house by the infrastructure team and then made 
available as a public project.

One recent example would be


The implication of being a FOSS company is that, there is a culture of 
doing exactly this. The default choice would be to make everything 
public. There might be a few exceptions for various reasons but nothing 
that significantly changes the sustainability of a business that 
operates this way.


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