[Ilugc] Employee Agreement of a FOSS company

Dhakshina Moorthy K.M. moorthykmd at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 5 07:54:37 IST 2008

1. Ramadass is pointing to a company built on FOSS foundation with a business / business model(s) on top of it. 

2. NDAs and other agreements are the details of roles and responsiblites to be played by employer & employee. Unless this is clear - issues on code ownership, contribution, motivation and committment will be vague, may lead to disputes later.

3. K C Ramakrishna and KG Sir are working with their own models. Having or not having an NDA is upto the employer.

4. Emp - Emp relations, is like a Man seeking a woman to produce babies. What the Man does with the babies is upto him. Whether he puts him in the Army - open source ,(or) put him in the family business - closed source  (or) put him in the top 10 mnc and make money( part open source) is upto the Employer-company. Business models need not come in the picture of NDA.

Dhakshina Moorthy, K M

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