[Ilugc] One Day One GNU/Linux Command (INSTALL)

Bharathi Subramanian sbharathi at MidasComm.Com
Fri Dec 5 11:36:00 IST 2008

One Day One GNU/Linux Command 

install -- Copy files and set attributes.


'install' will copy single/multiple source(s) to destination, sets
permission modes & owner/group and take backup of existing files. It
is very useful for writing the install scripts.


$ install myfile Dir1 -- Copy myfile to Dir1 with same name.

$ install myfile test -- Copy myfile to test.

$ install -b myfile test -- Copy myfile to test. If test is already 
                            exists, then take a backup (test~).

$ install -b -S.bak myfile test -- Same as above. But backup file will 
                                  created with .bak suffix (test.bak).

$ install --backup=t myfile test -- Take numbered backups (test.~1~).

$ install -p myfile test -- Preserve the access and modification time, 
                            while copying the file.

$ install -m 444 myfile test -- Copy myfile with specified permission 
                                mode. Default is 755.

$ install -g newgrp myfile test -- Copy myfile and set GID is newgrp.

$ install -s mybin test.bin -- Strip the symbol tables from installed 
                               binary executables.

Read: man install

HTH :)
Bharathi S

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