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Vamsee Kanakala wrote:
> Dhakshina Moorthy K.M. wrote:
>> 4. Emp - Emp relations, is like a Man seeking a woman to produce 
>> babies. What the Man does with the babies is upto him. Whether he 
>> puts him in the Army - open source ,(or) put him in the family 
>> business - closed source  (or) put him in the top 10 mnc and make 
>> money( part open source) is upto the Employer-company. Business 
>> models need not come in the picture of NDA.
> The analogy is kinda ridiculous
+1. So you mean to say the Father (or Man, however you keep) can do 
whatever he wants with the baby (or the child, as it grows) and the 
Mother has no say in it. In this case, it obviously restricts the 
freedom of both Mother (as she has more things to do with getting the 
child out alive and living) as well as the Baby itself (yes, every born 
human on earth has some fundamental freedom and rights). Keeping in 
terms of your analogy, we shouldn't mind if someone takes their baby and 
crushes is putting under a lorry, and not oppose it because it's his 
baby. (Whoa, long live your humanity).

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