[Ilugc] Open Source Buffet

varadarajan narayanan rad.narayanan at gmail.com
Fri Dec 5 17:00:10 IST 2008

Hi !

.............More than two decades ago, IBM, had changed the fortune
of a then unknown company-Microsoft, by awarding it a contract to
develop an OS for IBM PC. But this time around IBM plans to bring out
a "Microsoft-free" desktop environment. Working towards this goal IBM
along with Virtual Bridges and Canonical has launched a Linux-based
virtual desktop solution. This desktop solution is designed to help
corporate save a lot of money compared to Microsoft-desktop


These solutions existed before but for the first time three FOSS
vendors with mixed business models have teamed up to come up with a
solution to offer a cost effective green solution helping corporates
to get out of the clutches of Microsoft. IBM name lends credibility to
the whole thing !

It will be interesting to see how corporates look at this. It simply
wont matter what kind of hardware you have - single core or dual core
or a portable device , what OS you have  -it could be Linux , windows
or Solaris or whatever !

It is about time !



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