[Ilugc][OT] Employee Agreement of a FOSS company

Dhakshina Moorthy K.M. moorthykmd at yahoo.com
Fri Dec 5 18:43:37 IST 2008

>Dhakshina Moorthy K.M. wrote:
>4. Emp - Emp relations, is like a Man seeking a woman to produce babies. What the Man does with the babies is upto him. Whether he puts him in the Army - open source ,(or) put him in the family business - closed source  (or) put him in the top 10 mnc and make money( part open source) is upto the Employer-company. Business models need not come in the picture of NDA.
>The analogy is kinda ridiculous - open-source/army? How does that work?
>I would think most open source people have trouble with authority - any
>kind ;).

This is an illustration. Don't draw analogy. 
It is "a Man" and not Men and " a woman" read as "a (surrogate) woman" 
But open source people also work in organisation(s) under a person(s) with authority. Not always freelance.

>We shouldn't mind if someone takes their baby and
>crushes is putting under a lorry, and not oppose it because it's his
>baby. (Whoa, long live your humanity).
>Parthan "technofreak"

You can do this in the virtual cyber world if you like, the illustration was on careers which a person can be put to and the direction one can see for code ownership.

Dhakshina Moorthy, K M

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