[Ilugc] Peer-To-Peer meetup for working on FOSS projects.

Preetam Oswal preet at wikiocean.net
Sat Dec 6 18:38:25 IST 2008

Dear All,


We are a group of individuals in *Pune*-Maharashtra, who have come together
with the motto on parallel lines of "FOSS".

Our members come from all facets of the society including ( and not limited
to ) students, software professionals, social workers, businessmen and so
To describe the concept of our *group* *WikiOcean* in brief,

We work in teams to implement and develop FOSS and related projects. The
projects(tasks) undertaken are distributed as per the interest and skill
sets of an individual. Moreover, the revenue generated from these projects
are shared among the team.
We can set up sessions to introduce the whole concept and culture,
The meetup will be to,

-- *Introduce* to a group of people working in Pune on FOSS.

-- We are looking for peers who can *join our group* or peers who can
network /promote these activities.

-- We are into implementation and Customization of these Open Source

--* We are also into integration of various Open Source products like ERP,
CRM, HRM, CMS, etc.

--* Peers interested in joining these kind of movement can join our group
and explore more.

For more details, feel free to call Mr. Paritosh 09922904551

Lets meetup and exchange ideas at,
Chennai on 08/12/08 Between 0800 to 1200*

+91 9922904551
Peer- WikiOcean.
pungaliya.ag at gmail.com
preet at wikiocean.net

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