[Ilugc] 3-Day FOSS Faculty Updation Programm Conducted!

benedict nicholas benedictnicholas at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 7 01:25:40 IST 2008

Dear Friends,

We have conducted a 3-Day FOSS Faculty Updation Program at Rajalakshmi Engineering College from 2nd-4th Dec. 2008. Nearly 27 faculties got benefited from the program.

The Team from NRCFOSS led by Dr.S.
Srinivasan(readily accepted invitation & framed contents) and accompanied by Mr. Mohammed
Imran, Mr. Sanjiv K. Saini , Mr. A.S. Prakash, Mr. Senthil Anand and ilugc Member, Mr.
Ravi Jaya were the guest speakers.


Faculties enjoyed sessions on Moodle, MySQL and PHP very much and were satisfied with the team of Speakers. Mr. A.S. Prakash distributed his BioPuppyLinux CD to the Dean of Biotechology, Dr. Parthasarthy and H.O.D Dr.Johanna Rajkumar and briefed 4 faculty of Biotech Dept. separately.

This time nearly 130 students from CSE Dept. have chosen the FOSS Elective-I and I felt the faculty needs to be aware first. This is the result of it.  

After Exams are over we would be conducting 2nd FOSS workshop for students(Mr. Bhaskar, LinuxExpert was involved with first workshop).

Once again thanks to the NRCFOSS team and ilugc members. In fact a query with regard to FOSS Elective-I by one student in our ilugc member long back prompted me to have a dialogue with Dr.Srinivasan and this program became the result of it.

With regards,
Benedict J.N.
FOSS Faculty Updation Program,
Rajalakshmi Engineering College

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