[Ilugc] Kurukshetra '09 - Open Source Software Development Event

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Sun Dec 7 15:46:15 IST 2008


Have you written software?


Everytime a piece of code WORKS, do you feel a tingling sensation in your

You are not alone!!

Did you want to know how a certain feature works, but could not since its
source code is closed?


Do you like your imagination go awry and render that human touch to code by

Do you love interesting themes and specialized interface to provide

Or do you want to read the application in your mother tongue?

Close your eyes and open your mind!

*Welcome to the world of open source!!*

Starting this December, you will work alongside developers from all over the
world to provide the feel a software needs, a human touch.

Make it magical!

 Interested?? Read On...

This massive development(includes ARTWORK too!!) is held in a contest format
just to encourage more people to go open!!

   - Develop software, the open way!
   - 'Grow' software on the base application we provide.
   - Tamper, tinker others' code.(Give them due credit!)
   - Submit with an eye on time.(Your TIME is YOUR score)
   - Complain others who do not give credit for your code on which the built

Growing on a base includes,

   - *Bugs* - Reporting & Patching
   - *User Interface* - your own doorway
   - *Themes and Language Packs* - For the non-coder.
   - *Code optimization* - For the avid coder.
   - *Features* - Take a look at the problem statement.

Keep visiting www.kurukshetra.org.in<http://www.kurukshetra.org.in/k09/events>for
more details and latest updates.


This Open Source Software Development Event* "K++ Think Open"* is a part of
*Kurukshetra '09 – the battle of brains<www.kurukshetra.org.in>.*


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