[Ilugc] One Day One GNU/Linux Command (APT-GET)

Bharathi Subramanian sbharathi at MidasComm.Com
Mon Dec 8 15:42:27 IST 2008

On Sat, 6 Dec 2008, Arun Chaganty wrote:

> I agree, the command a day has been amazingly useful for me. In
> special regard to the apt-get command, what about source commands?
> My ignorance of them was primarily what caused me to shift from
> Debian (to ArchLinux):
> apt-get build-deps package  - Installs all the build dependcies for package
> apt-get source package - fetches the sources for package.

Thanks. I will add it in ODOC. 

Known is drop, Unknown is OCEAN. So Plz feel free to mail your inputs.

Bye :)
Bharathi S

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