[Ilugc] One Day One GNU/Linux Command (DEALLOCVT)

Bharathi Subramanian sbharathi at MidasComm.Com
Tue Dec 9 12:11:52 IST 2008

One Day One GNU/Linux Command 

deallocvt -- Deallocate Unused Virtual Consoles.


The command deallocvt deallocates kernel memory and data structures 
for all *UNUSED* virtual consoles.

When you do 'openvt', a new virtual console will be created on the
next free terminal. After using that, We can deallocate it using the
'deallocvt' command.


# openvt -s ls -- Run the 'ls' on next free VT (mostly on tty7).

# deallocvt -- Deallocate unused VT. Now switch to tty7, you won't 
               see any change on the screen.

# deallocvt 7 -- Deallocate /dev/tty7, if it is unused.

Read: man deallocvt

HTH :)
Bharathi S

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