[Ilugc] CD distribution at College Event

Ashok Gautham thescriptdevil at gmail.com
Wed Dec 10 21:48:42 IST 2008

The EEE department of MSEC, Kodambakkam, Chennai have a sympo
coming up in Feb. Say the first or second week. There is an idea of
distributing GNU/Linux Live CDs to the participants. They expect around
500 participants.

Now, is it possible to obtain such a bulk order. I noticed that we can get
bulk delivery of CDs for conferences or organized events in

There are two major options

1) Get the official media through shipit or likewise
2) Have a PC with all major Linux ISOs and write as per the user's req.

The second idea has a lot of shortfalls since the CD writer will not be
able to cope up with 100 cds at the least. Also the cost of media will be

The wish to distribute Ubuntu 8.10 or Mint. Ubuntu will give them a taste
of free software butI felt people who just pop it into their drives may feel

vexed if  they can't play mp3s. At least for the starters you know. People
think it is the weakness of an OS not to play mp3s out of the box.

There also emerges a third option.
Now, is it possible to write the ISOs locally somewhere. I mean, if we get
a bunch of really dirt cheap disks(say 100 discs at Rs.200 which is kinda
more affordable) and if somebody can write the disks for us...

These CDs may not "look" professional. But of course who will not try some
free stuff?

Also, we will try to get a stall for the LUG. (This has not yet been
with the department staff). If we manage, we can have the disks in the stall
itself and run a small demo. This however _may_or_may_not_ be possible.

I am not in the EEE department myself. I am doing this on request of my
friends in that dept.

Ashok `ScriptDevil` Gautham

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