[Ilugc] Unable to mount folders exported by NFS Server

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Wed Dec 10 22:16:09 IST 2008


i don't have the whole mail thread with me, but i'll try to give you a
simple solution for you.. :-)

In NFS server, put the following line (replace "your_directory" with your
actual directory)

# vim /etc/exports

/your_directory  *(rw,sync)

then export the shares, restart the portmap and nfs server.

for the time being issue the permission as world read and writeable (chmod
-R 777) to that directory.

inside that directory you create two more directories.
# mkdir /your_directory/sub1 (like wise)

Install the nfs-common libraries (pdgs) in the client machines.

change the following files (in clients).

# /etc/hosts.allow
   portmap : your_server_ip

# /etc/hosts.deny
   portmat : ALL

this should be the IP address, not the hostname.

log out and log in (if you really need)...

try to mount the share manually.

#  mount your_nfs_server_ip:/your_directory_sub1   /your_client_mont_point

if you can view the mounted share by cd /your_client_mount_point you've done

if you want to auto mount the particular share every time the computer
boots, put that mount point in /etc/fstab.

# vim /etc/fstab
server_ip:/your_directory_sub1    /your_client_mount_point  nfs rw,hard,intr
0 0

do the same with the other client.

i'm sending this mail on the run.. update the list if you encounter any
hicups.. ;-)

good luck!

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