[Ilugc] How to compile module

Santosh ssantosh at fossix.org
Fri Dec 12 12:31:58 IST 2008

Ashish Verma wrote:
> Hi,
> I dont know why this is not working for me. I was able to compile the hello
> world module without errors.
> I got the below error:
> make -C "/lib/modules/" M=/root modules
> make[1]: Entering directory '/usr/src/linux-'
> scripts/Makefile.build:217: target '/root/pcnet32.c' doesn't match the
> target pattern
> Building modules, stage 2.
> MODPOST 0 modules
> make[1]: leaving directory  '/usr/src/linux-'
> I got the pcnet32.c file from
> /usr/src/linux- is a compiled
> kernel.
> Why is it that pcnet32.c did not get compiled when the kernel was compiled?
> or when the modules were compiled?
> Regards,
> Ashish

I din't have the look at the latest menuconfig of the kernel. But, 
generally the module gets compiledf only when you select the appropriate 
option. All the modules won't be compiled by default.

Another problem I can assume is that, pcnet32 must have been written 
only to be built internally into the kernel and not as a module.

Any other thoughts?

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