[Ilugc] [COMMERCIAL] Workshop on Linux Virtualization

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Fri Dec 12 13:41:32 IST 2008

Dear All,

Lynus Academy Introducing Linux Virtualization workshop for Linux/Unix
working Professionals.

A Red Hat Enterprise Linux system administrator who can install,
configure, and manage virtual hosts on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.

Linux system administrators who understand how to install and configure a
Red Hat Enterprise Linux system and who wish to learn to install,
configure, and manage Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 in a virtualized


Has system administration knowledge under Linux environment. This
knowledge includes: installation, service management (using service and
chkconfig, for example), basic system monitoring (using ps and top, and
perhaps meminfo and the /proc filesystem), filesystem management (using
fdisk and mkfs), and basic troubleshooting (including managing log files,
understanding dmesg, and perhaps the use of hardware probing tools such as
ethtool and lspci);

For more details :

Schedule : 10 & 11 Jan 2009 - duration - 2 days

For Registration : Please call 42171278 or 9952966527 or
contactus at lynusacademy.com

A Saravanan
Lynus Academy Pvt Ltd

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