[Ilugc] vfat partition auto mounting in ubuntu 8.10

பத்மநாதன் indianathann at gmail.com
Fri Dec 12 16:39:13 IST 2008

Dear experts,
                       I am using Mandriva 2009 and Ubuntu 8.10 in my PC. I
created single vfat partition to use files between both OS.

I added the partition in /etc/fstab as below

/dev/sda4     /mnt/share     vfat     users, grp=users,umask=0002,rw,utf=8
     0    0

But Ubuntu 8.10 automounts the partions as readonly. If i create or copy
some files to this parttion asks current user password to perform the task
with waning message.

What is the problem?

please guide me.


Knowledge is power !

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