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benedict nicholas benedictnicholas at yahoo.com
Sun Dec 14 13:44:05 IST 2008

>Ashok's Request for ILUGC Meet on Sundays
>I am intrigued as to why the LUG meet is on Saturdays. I have college on
>all Saturdays and so find it impossible to come to the LUG meets.
>(I mean it. EVERY saturday. We even have a regular 7 hour timetable !)

I do agree to his suggestion of keeping ILUGC Meet on Sunday. 

>KG suggestion -- To bunk classes 

I did bunk lots of classes during college days but the Institution was govt.. college. Situation is not the same in Self financing colleges.

Todays self financing colleges are run like schools. Keep students occupied all 7 hours.  No choice to bunk any period in between as some of us used to do. 

As a faculty in a self financing college, I do feel for really interested students in FOSS who are not able to attend due to classes on saturdays. Even I am not to able to attend ILUGC meet on Saturdays for the same reason.

Few months back we had Virtualization Workshop at IMSC, Taramani. I was able to attend since it was sunday and got benefited.

My Suggestion:   We can alternate the ILUGC meet on Sundays and Saturdays to satisfy all the members from -Industry, Faculty and Students.

With regards,
Benedict J.N.

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